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The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections) are among the foremost museums of the world. A total of fifteen museums offer a thematic diversity that is exceptional for its kind. The museum originated in the collections of the Saxon electors, several of whom were also kings of Poland. The year 2010 marks 450 years of collecting in Dresden - an appropriate occasion for the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen to celebrate their tradition and future.

The Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden - The Museum of Man - is neither a science center nor a special museum devoted to a strictly defined topic area. Its interests center on the biological, social, and cultural dimensions of the human being. Through its exhibitions and events, the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum offers an independent public forum for the dialogue between science and society.

  • German Military History Museum Dresden - Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr

The Museum of Military History of the Bundeswehr Dresden offers two access routes of military history which shows a different point of view in architecture and the design of the exhibition. It consist two parts: an arsenal that was built in the 70’s of 19th century and a new extension designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and completed in 2011. Shaped like a wedge, the extension cuts through the old arsenal. The light and shadow effects produced by the new wedge symbolize the eventful military history of Germany.

The Technische Sammlungen Dresden consist of a museum, science centre and a photography gallery, which transform science and technology into an exciting experience. Opportunities to experiment and become acquainted with natural phenomena, basic scientific principles and the latest technological achievements await visitors of all ages in one of the most impressive historical industrial landmarks in Saxony – the former Ernemann camera factory complex. Topics of permanent exhibitions include the technological and cultural history of photography and the history of information society. Together with these permanent exhibitions, the Technical Collections has Adventureland Mathematics and temporary exhibitions on current technology research topics as well as numerous educational offers and dialogue formats to promote direct interaction with modern-day technical principles.