Schloss Eckberg

Neo-Gothic castel hotel Schloss Eckberg in the west of the hillside Dresden-Loschwitz

  • The neo-Gothic castle Schloss Eckberg is a luxurious but affordable possibility for those looking for a classy four stars hotel in Dresden.

  • Schloss Eckberg is one of famous three castles in the hillside of western Dresden-Loschwitz, four kilometers north-east of Dresden's old town. Dresden-Loschwitz is a larger villa area and belongs to Germany's most extended coherent area of both historic and modern city villas. Thus it's a great place to experience the real Dresden feeling and still reach the famous downtown quickly by city trams with the number 11. Dresden-Loschwitz is located north of the Elbe river. Dresden-Loschwitz is connected with Dresden-Blasewitz via the Blue Wonder bridge (Blaues Wunder Loschwitzer Brücke).

  • Eckberg castle hotel and restaurant

Situated between the Dresden Heath forest and the unique Elbe river cycle way the neo-Gothic hotel is holiday-ready for single tourists, couples and families.

The castle hotel and restaurant Schloss Eckberg with a view in Dresden is entirely conference-ready. Simply lay back, forget about everything else and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a 15 hectare English-style parkland which is reserved solely for the guests and is maintained by the gardeners for you every day. If the weather is pleasant, take a walk down to the Elbe and enjoy this unique view of the castle. Whether you are simply taking a stroll or going for a run, spending time in the sauna or lifting weights, Eckberg wants one thing only: for you to feel comfortable in whatever you are doing and to make your stay at Eckberg an unforgettable hotel experience.