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Recommended Dresden hotels

  • Dresden.travel
  • 4 star Hotel Bilderberg Bellevue
  • 5 star Kempinsi Hotel Dresden
  • 5 star Suitess Hotel directly at the Church of our Lady, 01067 Dresden
  • 4-star romantic hotel Bülow Residence
  • 3-star-hotel Villa Freisleben in one of the many fine Dresden residence areas, located at the Elbe cycle way and close to the old town via also tram line number 6 and 12.
  • Inexpensive Dresden large hostel Cityherberge

Recommended hotels in Saxon Switzerland, very close to Dresden via the Elbe cycle way

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  • 01796 Pirna 3-Sterne-Aktiv-Sporthotel Pirna
  • 01796 Pirna OT Copitz Jugendherberge
  • 01814 Bad Schandau OT Waltersdorf Ferienhaus Kraxlhütte
  • 01814 Bad Schandau OT Postelwitz Villa Elbufer
  • 01814 3-Sterne-Elbhotel Bad Schandau
  • 01814 4-Sterne Bio- und Nationalparkhotel Helvetia in Bad Schandau OT Schmilka
  • 01814 5-Sterne-Hotel Elbresidenz an der Therme Bad Schandau
  • 01847 Lohmen 4-Sterne-Berghotel Bastei

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