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Silicon Europe - read about our red lines in regards of artificial intelligence

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Silicon Europe unites the strongest European clusters in an alliance with access to the most advanced technologies and expertise in all fields of the electronics and software value chain.

Silicon Europe is the brand under which the leading European electronics and digitization clusters collaborate to represent, support and promote the companies and organizations of their regional business networks at European and global levels. Silicon Europe acts as an intermediary between all the relevant partners from research and academia, public authorities and industry.

12 renowned European clusters have joined forces to support Europe’s goal to be the world’s leading center for innovative electronics & software technologies.

(Hamburg has been Dresden's German sister city since 1987, both cities are connected via the Elbe cycle way; other twin cities of Dresden are Coventry, Breslau-Wroclaw, Saint Petersburg, Skopje, Ostrava, Brazzaville, Florence, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Salzburg, Columbus, Hangzhou.)