Dresden International University

Dresden International University is an official advanced corporate training university of TU Dresden.

The Dresden International University is a network university with numerous advantages for the students. Without a state budget and grants from investors or sponsors, the DIU can only fulfill its tasks if it understands itself as a node in a functional network. And that is why there is an extensive and increasingly branching national and international network for the entire university as well as for individual study courses, such as Installation Engineering, B.Eng., Clinical research, M.Sc., Prevention-, therapy- and rehabilitation sciences, B.Sc., Vehicle safety and traffic accident research, M.Sc. and many more. As a network university, the DIU traditionally relies on the scientific competence of university teachers and practice experts, laboratory and computer capacity, training places in health care and library services at state institutions and companies.

Not all study programs offered by the DIU take place in Dresden. The necessity to teach students at the places of their practical training and the international claim of the DIU to realize its mission statement in a geographical network leads to a functionally justified, national and international commitment. The strategy for attracting students is internationally oriented. The DIU pursues strategic partnerships with companies, government institutions, research institutes and professional associations in order to develop new study programmes attract students and provide financial support through sponsoring. A special strategic partnership exists with the Technical University of Dresden. As its complement, the DIU focuses on the strategy of an individualized educational style that takes into account the personal needs of the individual student and distinguishes itself apart from the mass operations of the large universities. Teaching at DIU takes place in small groups from 10 to 35 participants.

The Dresden International University is part of the Technische Universität Aktiengesellschaft (TUDAG). The TUDAG is a transferring company and combines the research competencies of the TU Dresden and other research institutions with the requirements of industry. The transfer refers to technological, medical but also business topics and takes place in the form of projects / degrees, study programmes / certificates or start-ups. Other companies that belong to the TUDAG network and with which the DIU is more closely linked are the European Institute for Postgraduate Education GmbH - EIPOS, GWT-TUD GmbH and TU Dresden’s Institute of Advanced Studies - TUDIAS. EIPOS GmbH offers demand-oriented further training for experienced engineers, architects and comparably qualified specialists and managers from business and administration with first-class speakers, high-quality course organization and individual customer service. EIPOS is our partner for the part-time courses of study Real Estate Management and Preventive Fire Protection. The GWT-TUD GmbH focuses itself on the support and consultation of researchers and scientists with solution-oriented services and acts as project related transfer consultant between current knowledge and its implementation in the newest technologies. The services of the GWT-TUD close the gap between science and economics and offer creative leeway to scientists in their research projects. TU Dresden’s Institute of Advanced Studies - TUDIAS. In its modern classrooms TUDIAS offers language classes, preparatory German classes, courses for professional further education as well as training courses for university applicants and current students.