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Dresden Elbland - not too big, not too small, uniquely synergetic, more complex, smaller, faster, easier.

The 32 member institutes of Dresden Concept not only strive for Singularity in the Science of Synergy but they are also deeply and efficiently cross-linked with all institutions in the Global Top 20 of the biggest cats in the Sciences on Earth and beyond. Altogether there are only few regions throughout Europe with a comparably high concentration of leading science institutes. In various industries of sectors like Art, Biotechnologies, Energy and Materials Sciences and Micro- and Nanotechnologies the Dresden area has become one of the smallest world cities around the globe, combining the appeal of a gardens city with aspirations of a more metropolitan area next to Leipzig, Prague and Berlin. Through the centuries Dresden has become and remained a residence city of the medium nerds, not too big, not too small.

Deeper research, more questions.

The time has come to dive ultimately deeper. In the menus you'll find some secrets of Dresden.science like the orchestra playing the sounds of the future.