Welcome to Elbschloss Elbland - the friendly castle of Dr. Sexy - Dresden, Germany !

Dear friends. Dr. Sexy is glad to announce that the Hotel Bilderberg Bellevue Dresden is finally reopened for you, located directly at the Augustus bridge on Europe's most beautiful bicycle trail, the Elbe Cycle Trail from Hamburg to Prague. It's a unique cycle way where also Elbschloss Elbland is located right along the most beautiful part of the 1200 kilometers trail. Welcome to Dresden and Saxon Switzerland, welcome to the best of the best, Dr. Sexy and Elbschloss Elbland. By Nature the Dresden Concept is a global leader in tackling the Corona challenge for our advancing humanity. As a start Dr. Sexy will show you some Silicon Saxony institutes and companies , the Elbschloss and the House of Bilderberg. Later on Dr. Sexy will introduce you to the Elbe Cycle Way from the North Sea to the Giant Mountains with some focus on wine castles and chequered river landscapes along Meissen, Dresden, Pirna and Saxon Switzerland.

An Earth update chaos is under way, calm down it's summer, go fishing and relax.

Drop a line to shake the preferences about a million future updates. The Humboldt siblings, Dresden, Germany

The Elbe Valley flea Saxonus is a 5G-driven Elbe flea bot introducing you to

As an ambitious Yoga scholar Nora Humboldt is a young physician currently becoming a doctor of medicine in intensive neurosurgery. Sometimes enjoying the life of a random medical doctor her true passion is green and red biochemistry. Blue biotechnology has been her hobby for two decades. She has an advanced neurochemical interest in her own and others' borderline patients.

Max Humboldt's commitment to excellence has simply a clear vision. There is no life without systems biology. Human ingenuity can change the world. Inspiration can be sparked by the smallest moments and set the lifecycle of innovation into motion. Innovation is serendipity, so we simply don't know what people will make. The Excellence of Saxony makes Eurasia great again.

Our nerdiest ambassador Julia Humboldt is currently a lecturer at the United Nations University in Dresden. Professionally she was engaged with Monsanto for ten years. The Saxon cowgirl spent ten years in France, Belgium and Czechia as a consultant in Mergers & Acquisitions. Beyond law she has a deep expertise in working with protein engineering teams. She is feared as a political geek.