My name is Max Nano but I'm more known as Dr. Sexy or Silicon Saxony.

It's my pleasure to meet you. I'm the biggest cluster of micro- and nanoelectronics in Europe and the fifth-biggest in the world. I'm a global leader in material sciences and a wide array of nanotechnologies. My Excellence of Saxony makes Eurasia great again.

Dr. SEXY institutes are number one and two in Germany and number 3 and 6 in the world rankings. Sorry for the bravado, just wanna say size and excellence are nothing without synergy. Smart synergies are hard to achieve but worth every effort.

Drop me a line and consider the search function right on top. Currently these 500 pages get ready for Dr. Sexy's presidential campaign for Saxony 2024. Just excel baby.

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My Elbe biobot Saxonus is a 5G-driven nanobot in a valley of knowledge.

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Ava Bio Saxony is a young physician currently becoming a doctor of medicine in intensive neurosurgery. Sometimes enjoying the life of a random medical doctor her true passion is green and red biochemistry. Blue biotechnology has been her hobby for two decades. She has an advanced neurochemical interest in her own and others' borderline patients.

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The Elbe fit commitment to excellence has simply a clear vision. There is no life without systems biology. Human ingenuity can change the world. Inspiration can be sparked by the smallest moments and set the lifecycle of innovation into motion. Innovation is serendipity, so we simply don't know what people will make. The Excellence of Saxony makes Eurasia great again.

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Miss Energy Saxony is currently a lecturer at Dresden's United Nations University. Professionally she was engaged with Monsanto for ten years. The Saxon cowgirl spent fifteen years in France, Belgium and Czechia as a consultant in Mergers & Acquisitions. Beyond law she has deep expertise in working with protein engineering teams. She's feared as a political geek.