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This presence of Villa Corona is currently under construction to avoid a confusion with the globally ciculating virus. Dr. Sexy is currently not treating Corona patients.

We are glad to announce that Hotel Bilderberg Bellevue will soon reopen for you, located directly at the Augustus bridge on Europe's most beautiful bicycle trail, the Elbe Cycle Trail from the North Sea to Prague, where also the Villa Corona is situated right along the most beautiful part of the 1300 kilometers trail. Welcome to Dresden and Saxon Switzerland, welcome to the best of the best Villa Corona Dr. Sexy.

Dr. Sexy will show you some Silicon Saxony institutes and companies , the House of Bilderberg and the House of Thunberg. Later on Dr. Sexy will introduce you to the Elbe Cycle Way from Hamburg to Prague with some focus on castles and river landscapes along Meissen, Dresden and Saxon Switzerland.

That's my bionic brother, not exactly but they look really similar, don't they ?

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Dr. Sexy

My name is Julia Thunberg. Currently I work for the United Nations University in Dresden. Besides that I'm still super-busy with the Monsanto post-merger integration afters Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto. In my spare time I run and cycle a huge lot, mostly along the Elbe, Lake Constance, Rhine, Seine and Spree. My weak point is I cruise a lot by ships. Being thirty-five is not a sin. As a quirky Saxon cowgirl I love that after I suffered a Paris Saint Cloud syndrome for six years.