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Silicon Saxony

Sexy never follows. Don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they are sexy enough.

That's my bionic brother, not exactly but they look really similar. My little introduction will be about my friends in

  • Dresden Concept 32 members, meet an unmatched orchestra of smart synergies
  • Dresden Science Calendar 180 events, get your favorite professor involved with Dr. Sexy
  • Silicon Europe 12 clusters, from Silicon Saxony to Phillips Hue, make sure you keep us tuned on.
  • Silicon Saxony 360 members, it's not exactly the Silicon Valley but the Graphene Flagship knows the true north.
Dr. Sexy

My name is Julia in the Saint Cloud but some of my friends in Saxony call me Corona Concordia because I survived living in Paris for six years suffering the very definition of the Paris syndrome. I'm never afraid to write my feelings in my songs and yes, I worked for Monsanto. I can only say good things about my client.